Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17, 2011

The first full week of summer break. Camp, relaxing, time with friends...does it get any better than this? Well, hopefully it will warm up a bit so we can hit the pool, but other than that, it was a great week!

On the recipe front, not quite as great. We tried a few different recipes, and all the recipe clippings were destined for the recycle bin except one: angel food cake! I love angel food cake, and have had this recipe in my binder for years. Not only did I try the traditional version, but, you know me...I had to make the alternate chocolate vanilla marbled version as well! Both were very good, but I am a traditionalist at heart, and LOVED the original version. I made some raspberry sauce to serve with it, so at the last minute, on Thursday, the tally went from 0 keepers to 3! The raspberry sauce was delicious, came together quickly, and would go great over all different desserts including ice cream and brownies. Tonight I might try it over a serving of Frozen Chocolate Mousse. When I made the angel food cakes, I ended up with 24 egg yolks left over, so I have been trying to think of how to use them. Growing up my mom used to make frozen chocolate mousse, and it is so good, and it only calls for egg yolks, so I made a double batch of that today. However, that didn't use up all the yolks. In the queue for tomorrow I am thinking about a sugar cookie recipe that calls for an extra yolk, a lemon poppy seed cake (though I might do them as muffins) that calls for 8 yolks, or maybe a homemade ice cream that begins with a rich custard (needs yolks). So, the yolks won't go to waste, but my waistline might be in trouble!

Since there weren't any good dinner recipes that passed the test this week, I've included here a slow cooker chicken dinner we love. It is named for the family that had it the very first time I made it, so of course, we always talk about them when we eat this meal. (You know they are close friends when you are willing to try out a new recipe on them!).

New Recipes
Traditional Angel Food Cake
Vanilla Chocolate Marbled Angel Food Cake
Raspberry Sauce

Tried and True Recipe

Fedders Chicken

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