Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24, 2011

We are on the road! Most of this week was spent prepping for a road trip, so I didn't do much cooking! However, the week did begin with Father's Day, so we made a special dinner for Ryan. We made Scallops Gratin, and we voted it a keeper. The kids tried it, and thought it was okay. We only really expected Ryan and I to try it, and we did love it! I served it with artichoke. When I was buying the artichoke, I came across this "long stemmed" one, reminiscent of a rose. I took a picture to show you. We still steamed it the way we are used to, so we had to cut the stem, but it was an interesting find and I had to document its existence!

Because I didn't try out any other recipes, I am including one of our absolute favorite pork chop recipes. We serve it over egg noodles, as I noted in the recipe, but feel free to serve it with rice, or maybe even mashed potatoes.

I will be out of town for a little while, but still plan to be cooking and hoping to try out a few new recipes. If you have any recipes you want me to add to the queue, email them to me!!

New Recipe
Scallops Gratin

Tried and True Recipe
Sweet & Tangy Pork Chops

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