Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15, 2011

I love farmers' markets! 'Tis the season for search them out and buy local, fresh ingredients!!! On Thursday I had the perfect amount of time to run over to one while Hannah was at her French horn lesson. We picked up some gorgeous zucchini, onions, red potatoes, grape tomatoes, and white flesh peaches. I had already decided on a dinner meal that included the onions and zucchini, and Owen and I love snacking on grape tomatoes. The peaches were perfect for a tart recipe I found while on vacation visiting my parents.

My mother makes these fabulous zucchini "boats". They are scrumptious! She just eyeballs everything, whether she is cooking them for 2 people or 12, so no true recipe previously existed for these. I made 2 (resulting in 4 "boats"), and measured out what I added in. I've listed the rough recipe here, but feel absolutely free to take liberty with it and use this simply as inspiration if you like!

The main course, braised herb chicken with potatoes, was voted a keeper by all of us, though we also agreed it seemed to be more of a winter, or at least autumnal, meal. So, perhaps bookmark this one and come back and make it in the fall. Or, if it looks good to you, go ahead and try it now! We loved the flavors of it, and it did pair nicely with the zucchini boats.

The peach tart was more time intensive than I expected and required some babysitting. The temperature of the oven changed part way through, and later you add the streusel topping; over the course of it cooking you have to set the timer 4 times! It turned out pretty well, but the crust was a little darker than I would have liked. It required too much work and turned out ordinary results; therefore it does not qualify for keeper status.

Hit your local farmers' market this week!

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