Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12, 2011

Wow...middle of August already. Where has the summer gone? For us, we traveled a lot, and didn't get much cooking in the last few weeks! But, now we are back home, and I can't wait to get cooking again!

To make cooking in my kitchen even more enjoyable, I've been painting my kitchen cabinets. Slowly but surely we've been redecorating our kitchen. I took down some ugly wallpaper and painted, we installed a new tile back splash, got a new fridge and oven, and once the cabinets are painted, the space will be complete! A work in progress, but I am nearing the finish line on this project. Once it is complete I will post some before and after pictures. To me, the change is amazing, and my kitchen has moved out of the late 1970's and joined us in the current year. :)

As for recipes, this week I only have 2, and both are desserts. One is actually more of an idea than a recipe, hamburger cupcakes, and the other is pumpkin snack cake. I still have fresh pumpkin in my deep freezer from last fall, so before a new crop comes in, I wanted to use up what I have. This snack cake is great with cream cheese frosting, but we also love it plain, so no need for the extra calories if the kids like it just as it is!

New Recipes
Pumpkin Snack Cake
Hamburger Cupcakes

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