Friday, September 30, 2011

September 30, 2011

We love pumpkin around here!!! But you already know that, since I mentioned it last week. This week we found a new pumpkin recipe - Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread. Moist, delicious...the kids can't get enough of it. It was so good that we actually made it twice in one week! We made it on Saturday, and then we made it again on Tuesday night. Clearly, this was a keeper recipe!

Also, except for during the summer, we like to have soup once a week. We are a soup family. For years my husband kept asking for beef stew, and I tried quite a few out. I can honestly say I did not like a single recipe I tried...until I found the one I am going to share with you this week. Of course, I don't really like red meat, so you are probably wondering how it is that I would ever really love a beef stew. I'll admit it, I was on the hunt for a recipe he would love and that I could tolerate. But once I finally stumbled across the one that is listed here, I found I could love a beef stew! The secret to this one is that you don't cook it all for the same length of time. The carrots and potatoes go in only for the last hour, and the peas only go in once you take the stew out of the oven and let them cook for five minutes while you get everyone to the table! There's the genius in the recipe...cook the meat for a while, and the veggies only as long as they need! If I can find it in my heart to love this beef stew, you just might, too!

And if you do have a soup recipe you want to share with me...send it along! We are always looking for a new recipe to try for soup night!

New Recipe
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

Tried and True

Beef Stew

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