Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 27, 2011

A day late... and even though I had an extra day, there are no new recipes to share. This was a tough cooking week at our house, though not for lack of trying. I tried two new chicken pasta entrees, and while neither should be classified as a flop, they haven't yet earned "keeper" status. One is close, it just needs a bit of tweaking on the spice/herb side of things. Fresh tomatoes and basil, a bit of a creamy sauce, chicken and pasta. Close! Maybe with the addition of some garlic, a bit more salt and pepper, it just might be good enough to share!

The other realistically won't ever make "keeper" status. Ryan had high hopes, though, since one of the ingredients was bacon. It was okay, and I ate the leftovers for lunch for a few days (I hate to throw out perfectly good food), but I didn't like it enough to keep the recipe. Oh well! If you don't try new recipes you can't ever find new great ones to make over and over.

What was a big hit in our house this week, you ask? Fresh cantaloupe and honeydew melon. We devoured it! And I will remind you to visit your local farmer's markets...they are typically still going strong into October, and so many great varieties of produce are hitting the tables! So, as the kids head back to school and sports team practices start up again, find the time to stop by a market; you'll be glad you did! One thing I picked up this week...fresh yellow beans! I love them even more than green beans!

Here's hoping the new week will bring some keeper recipes!

While I don't have any recipes to share, here is a tip. Make fresh breadcrumbs! You can use the heels of any kind of bread, or rolls that are not fresh enough to enjoy for a sandwich anymore, but still perfectly fine to eat. Tear them up a little, toss them in your food processor, and pulse a few times. Fresh breadcrumbs are delicious to use when breading fish or chicken, or topping a casserole. I keep the breadcrumbs in my fridge, or keep the heels and rolls together in the freezer until I need breadcrumbs.