Friday, August 24, 2012

August 24, 2012

What?  Are you sure? begins on Monday????  Oh my!  Today Owen met his 3rd grade teacher and dropped off his supplies all while Hannah was busy with 6th grade orientation at the middle school.  I've know that she was going to head off the middle school this year, but it is really here now.  Hannah is definitely ready and excited.  And Owen is the over half way through elementary school - I think I need to sit down!  Not to be outdone by his siblings, Liam is enrolled in tot co-op two mornings a week!  Three different schools for my three favorite kids.  I better get ready.

Ryan has been working so hard this entire summer, he took this "last week of summer" off.  We had a fabulous stay-cation.  Monday: visit to the zoo. Tuesday: trip to the movies. Wednesday: fun at the bowling alley.  Thursday: tour of the Jelly Belly warehouse (and a stop in the retail store).  Friday: time at the pool.  All in all, I'd say it was a great week, capping off a fantastic summer.

Because we were busy enjoying time as a family, we didn't try out too many new dishes.  I did create a new chicken dish with what was on hand one night, and everyone voted in a keeper.

Tonight we tried something I had seen on Pinterest, but it hardly qualifies as a recipe.  One box of Betty Crocker Angel Food Cake mix and one 20 ounce undrained can of crushed pineapple.  Mix the two together (it will foam), put in an ungreased tube pan, and cook 35 minutes in a 350 degree oven.  Let it rest upside down, on the neck of wine bottle if you have one on hand.  Once cool, cut with a serrated knife and enjoy.  Owen and I loved it, but no one else wanted to try it.  If you like pineapple and angel food cake, maybe give it a try!

School is back in session - sharpen those pencils!

New Recipes
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