Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday August 10, 2012

This was a bit of an off week to try new recipes - the kids went away mid-week for their final trip of the summer.  So we didn't try that many new dishes, but managed to fit three, and all were voted keepers.  Hard to believe that it is August, with talk of back-to-school and the end of the summer approaching.  Even the weather has turned cooler the last few days, which has been a welcome relief.  I seem to recall the weatherman mentioning that we have had over 40 days in the 90's.  Needing a sweater tonight on the way home from a friend's house was refreshing!

We did find time to try a few new things: strawberry muffins, bacon-pepper mac and cheese with chicken, and lime cilantro chicken tacos.

I have been collecting Taste of Home recipes for years.  My grandmother-in-law gets the cooking magazine, and when I first met her she showed me it. There are a few different monthly titles by the same company (simple and delicious is another one), and for years I had a subscription and clipped the recipes that looked good.  One of the main reasons I started this blog was so that I would finally begin to test out the recipes I had been clipping for years and years.  Well, the strawberry muffin recipe is one of those recipes from Taste of Home.  We really enjoyed them, as did my friends, so perhaps they might earn a spot at your breakfast or brunch table.  as with all muffins, they are best served warm. 

When I go to the library I love to check out the cooking magazines and cook books.  I checked out a Betty Crocker cookbook in the spring when I had a long car ride (where I was the passenger, don't worry).  I marked down the recipes that looked good, and when I got home, I found them on the Betty Crocker website and saved them to one of my Pinterest boards.  This saved me from making a photocopy of the recipe, and of having to check the cookbook out again in the future.  This week, Hannah had a friend sleep over, and we decided to make a pasta recipe for dinner.  When she saw the ingredients for this mac and cheese, she decided we should make it. It was a hit at the dinner table.  Of course, there were more children than adults at the table, and how can you go wrong with bacon in your meal?

And where did I find the Lime Cilantro tacos?  I saw those on Pinterest, and they sounded fantastic.  They ended up being delicious, and the kids just loved these chicken tacos.  I would highly recommend the lime cilantro pesto recipe - different and very summery!  

Happy cooking!

New Recipes
Strawberry Muffins
Lime Cilantro Chicken Tacos
Bacon-Pepper Mac & Cheese with Chicken

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