Friday, January 18, 2013

January 18, 2013

Happy Friday!  I am heading out of town and won't be in a position to cook any new recipes next week, so I won't be publishing - but don't worry, hopefully I'll have recipes to share the following week.

But let's not worry about next week...this week two recipes qualified as keepers!  A vegetable rice medley and citrus crunch chicken.  Every now and then I do serve a pre-packaged side dish, but when I found this rice recipe I had to try it!  It was extremely quick and easy, and everyone at the table loved it!  My family is split over peas - some love them, some do not.  I did add the peas because those who don't completely enjoy them could easily pick them out.  The recipe didn't call for salt or pepper, but this could easily be added while cooking or each individual can season their dish as desired. 

We served the rice with the citrus chicken which was also enjoyed by everyone!  It had a light and bright flavor, and tasted summery here in the dead of winter.  This is another very quick and easy dinner to put together and serve on a busy weeknight.

This week I also made some dinner rolls - but oh my, were they a disaster!  I thought I had the temperature right on my liquids, but I think I must have had it too hot and killed the yeast! The rolls didn't rise during the resting time, and even when I baked them in the oven they barely rose.  I definitely still have a lot of work to do on my bread baking skills!

Happy cooking!

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