Friday, February 8, 2013

February 8, 2013

Another week come and gone.  It was a busy week (though that goes without saying these days!) and chilly, so I tried out a new recipe for soup night.  I made broccoli potato soup which I wasn't sure was going to be a hit, but I paired it with popovers which I knew would be devoured without hesitation.  I was thrilled when the entire dinner, soup and popovers, was enjoyed by all.  Our family has had neither broccoli soup nor potato soup before, so we had nothing to compare it to and we loved it!  As a point of reference, Ryan didn't even need to use Frank's on it!  Both the broccoli and the potatoes are highlighted, and the texture was nice.  I was a bit nervous to share this recipe precisely because I didn't know what it should taste like so I brought some of the soup to one of my best friends.  She loved it as well, so the soup definitely earned it's keeper status.  It would even be easy to turn this into a completely vegetarian soup by trading out the chicken stock for vegetable stock. We might do that during the upcoming Lenten season.

For the first time ever I made popovers.  I served along side the soup and at first they got some suspicious glances.  I told the kids they were going to love them if they gave them a chance and I was correct.  I grew up on popovers and they are, in my mind at least, amazing.  Airy goodness that melts in your mouth, especially when a little butter and homemade jam are applied.  (I am smiling at the thought of this...I will have to make these again soon).  When I asked my mom for her recipe she laughed a little because the ingredients are so commonplace and the recipe is so straightforward.  The final popovers are so beautiful you cannot believe how easy these are to throw together.  These would be a lovely addition to a dinner party menu because of the presentation.

As for the chicken Marsala - this is a favorite recipe of mine.  I haven't made it in a long time because a few years ago I was serving it almost once a week and my husband grew weary of it.  To celebrate my birthday I decided on this for dinner, and we all enjoyed it.  If you make this just remember to give yourself enough time to marinate the chicken!

Have a wonderful week!

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