Friday, April 19, 2013

Zoodles (more of an idea than a recipe)

* zucchini
* salt

There are many different suggestions as to how to make these, but here is what I did:  julienne the zucchini and sprinkle it with salt in a colander (to draw out some of the moisture).  I left the zucchini with the salt while I brought some water up to boil.  Then blanch the zucchini for one minute.  Drain (but don't rinse or you'll cool off the zucchini).  Serve however you'd like!

I've tried these with tomato sauce and with chicken stir fry...both have been fabulous!  I will definitely be making these often.  I mean come on - how fun is it to twirl your veggies around your fork?!?!

There are many posts out there on how to prepare your zoodles, but here are three good ones I came across!
Primalist Zoodles
Zenbelly Zoodles 
Nom Nom Paleo

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