Friday, May 31, 2013

May 31, 2013

Woohoo!  2 keepers this week! I love to cook with things on hand, and this new enchilada recipe fit the bill.  We have made a few enchilada recipes that we love over the years, and each has its own flavor.  This one has a homemade sauce that was wonderful, so it has earned keeper status.  It even reheated well the nextg day for lunch! 

The second keeper was a new chicken dinner that had a different flavor than most we've had.  The ingredient list wasn't radically different, but the addition of bread cubes (basically homemade croutons) in the sauce as a thickener was great.  I always keep heels of bread, left over rolls, and the like in the freezer, so I had the bread on hand for this dish as well.  And the chicken stayed very moist through cooking it in the sauce.  Pairing it with some blanched and seasoned green beans made for a great dinner!

This coming week is going to be busy and I'll be a solo-mom for most of it, so we will see what new recipes we try out in the kitchen!!!

Happy Cooking!!!

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