Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13, 213

It's Friday the 13th!  Any plans?  Many, many years ago we used to watch scary movies on Friday the 13th.  I don't even really like scary movies, and it was always my idea!  I suppose I just thought it was a fun thing to do to mark the day, but thankfully I grew out of that routine.  Tonight I think we are watching 42 for our traditional pizza/movie Friday night.  The big kids and I saw it, but Ryan hasn't, and it is definitely worth watching twice.

This week had little opportunity to try new recipes, but we did find one new keeper!  A friend of mine was looking for vegetarian slow cooker ideas, and though this certainly doesn't fit into the category, her request pushed me to find a new slow cooker recipe for this week.  Slow cooker teriyaki pork turned out delicious, and was ridiculously easy.  The hardest part was trimming the pork, and adjusting the time because I ended up with chunks of pork instead of one full roast I could easily cut in half.  So yes, it was easy!  I served it with brown rice, and everyone was a fan - even of the brown rice!  I have to admit, I usually use white rice when serving it with a meal, but decided that since the brown rice salad was such a hit last week, why not try plain brown rice.  And, surprise, surprise, everyone had a few helpings of the rice, and no one complained!  I think the kids liked it even better than white rice! The recipe suggested serving this pork with mashed potatoes, but given the teriayki spin to it I felt that rice made more sense.  I am glad I went that route, but you can serve this with mashed potatoes, or even egg noodles.  And when I had the leftover pork for lunch the next day, it was still fantastic.  If you had enough left over to reuse it in a meal, you could reinvent it as part of a filling for quesadillas.

I am still on the hunt for vegetarian slow cooker recipes...if you have a good one (or more than one) email me at

New Recipe
Slow Cooker Teriyaki Pork 

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