Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1, 2013

I sat down at the computer, got sidetracked for a few minutes, and then wondered what I was doing here...oh, that's right...the blog posting!  Ha!  I must be getting old; I'm already forgetting things.

Bummer, I have no new recipes to share. My chances weren't that great this week, however, as I only made one new recipe.  It was a recipe for yellow cake that I wanted to use as the base for Ryan's favorite pumpkin squares.   It was fine, but a fair amount of work and it called for A LOT of butter!  Given that the cake wasn't over the top amazing, I just don't think I can make this recipe again.  The pumpkin squares will definitely be eaten though so don't worry!

I wanted to make pumpkin squares because I processed two pumpkins so far, and have a lot of fresh pumpkin!  My family loves pumpkin anything and everything, so I process pumpkins and freeze it in one- and two- cup portions.  Then no matter what time of year we can enjoy pumpkin goodies!  You know fall has arrived when pumpkins are in my oven for a few hours.  Tomorrow we will probably roast the seeds.

Although I have no new recipes I did want to update you on our dilly beans (maybe we should call them Barney Beans)!  We made our first batch last fall and are just now finishing them up.  They are fantastic!!! Mine are spicier than the original ones even though I used the same recipe.  Not sure if it was the amount of time that passed between when we canned them and when we ate them, or if we just used more red pepper, but either way we loved them.  I suppose it is about time to put up a new batch.

Well, the week ahead may be a bit more promising in terms of recipes.  A new soup is part of the meal plan for sure so hopefully that will be a keeper.

Happy Cooking!