Friday, August 22, 2014

August 22, 2014

The summer is fading away.  Dusk is arriving earlier, school supplies are taking over my guest room, and all of our vacations are now excellent memories.  I cannot believe school is about to begin (though in previous years it had always started by now!).

We actually got home today from our trip out east.  What do you make for dinner on the night you arrive home and have very little in the fridge and pantry?  Breakfast for dinner, of course!  Hannah and Liam fell in love with diner home fries while we were away.  I had a recipe for home fries and actually had all the ingredients on hand!  We made them and loved them so we actually have a keeper this week!

This weekend we are going to defrost our freezer so we shall see what ends up on the dinner menu - some new chicken dishes, I am sure.  And a few loaves of bread, should have seen how much bread flour I had in the freezer! I am hoping we'll turn out some keepers in the days ahead. Keep your fingers crossed!

Happy Cooking!

New Recipe
Home Fries

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