Friday, September 12, 2014

September 12, 2014

We had two keepers this week, one almost keeper, and a new dish we planned but never got to try.  It was busy!  My family (the kids especially) love pasta and potatoes, so it shouldn't be a big surprise that those were the main ingredients in both keepers.  The first keeper recipe made some fabulous super crispy baked french fries - truly the crispiest french fries I've ever had at home or out to eat. With the first bite everyone voted them to keeper status.  The second keeper dish is called Garlic Chicken Rigatoni.  This is a quick dinner that we thought was fantastic and will definitely become a regular in our dinner rotation.  One way to make it even easier...when you buy chicken breasts in bulk and are freezing them in meal size portions, go the extra step with one or two of the portions and cut them up into bite sized pieces prior to freezing.  This way, when you are ready to make stir fry or some other dish that calls for cut up chicken you are already to go!  It saves serious prep (and clean up) time!

Our almost keeper was popcorn marshmallow bars.  I was in the mood to bring rice kispie treats to our book club meeting this week, but I did not have any cereal on hand.  I did, however, have popcorn kernels.  I popped some up and mixed it with a marshmallow mixture and they were good.  Good, but not yet great, so I'll try again soon and see if I can get it right!  And the other dish  that didn't get tested this past week will make it on the meal plan again this's hoping that we have time to make it!  School, my class, 2 cross country meets, flag football practice, a handful of soccer practice, an out of town business trip...a lot going  on this week so we'll see how (and what) meals turn out!

Our youngest has started soccer and is loving it. In fact, when practice was cancelled this week because of the heavy rain he was absolutely bereft.  Miss Hannah even offered him an Oreo and he declined.  Yikes!  He was seriously devastated!  Fingers crossed that the rain predicted for tomorrow morning passes us and he gets to play soccer!

Happy Cooking!

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Garlic Chicken Rigatoni 
Crispy Baked French Fries

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