Friday, September 19, 2014

Turkey Burgers

* 1.5-2 lbs ground turkey
* 1 envelope onion soup mix (I used Lipton)
* bread crumbs (just enough to bind the meat)

1. Mix the turkey and onion soup mix together.  Slowly add the breadcrumbs until the mixture will hold together.
2. Form patties and grill right away, or place them on wax paper lined cookie sheet to quick freeze.  After freezing, put the burgers in a zipper freezer bag for longer term storage.

These were so moist and delicious!  Sometimes I've encountered some very dry or tough turkey burgers but these are fantastic.  Using breadcrumbs instead of egg for binder definitely helps combat dryness.  You can use Panko breadcrumbs or traditional, whichever you have on hand.  Last time I made these I then froze them for future use.  I took one out to defrost and cooked it and it was still amazing.  So nice to be able to take one (or a few) out at a time!

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