Friday, October 3, 2014

October 3, 2014

What changes in the weather this week brought - from the low 80's last weekend to a high in the 40's expected wonder everyone has a cold!  We enjoyed a visit with my parents, and saw Miss H run a few cross country races.  All in all it was a great week, though not for new recipes. We tried 3 new things this week and none were voted keepers.  One came really really close (a new banana muffin recipe) but I need to work out the kinks on the baking time and flavor.  The other two were not even close.  Homemade vanilla pudding tasted good, but took a really long time to make, and it didn't look very appetizing.  Two thumbs down on that.  And then a pork Marsala saute was so quick and easy, but the sauce just wasn't quite right.  Bummer.

The week ahead looks good - from the Seahawks playing on Monday night to the xc conference meet, hopefully we'll have lots of smiling faces around the dinner table.  I hope we'll have some keepers this week!

Happy Cooking!

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