Friday, January 9, 2015

January 9, 2015

Happy belated New Year, happy early birthday to my little guy, and whew...I made it though my first week of student teaching.  To be fair, it was only 3 days since we had 2 days off for extreme cold, but all 5 of us survived!  It is a big adjustment for the whole family, but so far it is going well.  Ask me again next week after 5 consecutive days of work.

One thing that really helped back at home was doing lots of cooking and prepping on Sunday for the week ahead. Getting home-cooked meals on the table in very little time with minimal effort was amazing.  One of my sisters does this almost every Sunday, and she learned it from our mom who used to cook like this.  My Sunday plans already include lots of cooking and prepping!

This week I only made one new recipe and it was a unanimous keeper.  Although it was my first time making it, it is a family recipe from Ryan's side - farm style baking powder biscuits.  Delicious, and really so so so much better then Bisquick biscuits, even when I use my own DIY Bisquick mix.

I'm going to prep again on Sunday...what about you?   Maybe think about it!!!

Happy cooking! 

New Recipe
Farmhouse Baking Powder Biscuits

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