Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9, 2012

Nearing the middle of March, already! Quick question for you...have you filed your taxes yet? Don't wait until the last minute!, on to the cooking! This week we tried a few different meals, but only one was voted a keeper. On Sunday I made a beer braised pot roast, and it was enjoyed by everyone. For fun I decided to set the dining room table with the good china and we enjoyed our dinner out there. Memories of Sunday evening dinners in the dining room...though growing up we usually had more than just the immediate family on Sunday night. Friends, neighbors, relatives...the more the merrier! It was just the five of us on Sunday night, but we had a great meal with even better conversation. For the first time Liam sat on a regular chair and ate off my Bunnykins china from when I was a child. We were celebrating us...nothing fancy or special, just being together and thanking God for the gift of each other. It was an added bonus that everyone enjoyed the meal enough to include it here as a keeper!

For our Sunday dinner I tried out a new dessert recipe as well...Snickers Cream Pie. With a name like that, it was bound to be good. And it didn't disappoint! Very easy to throw together, and you could even dress it up a bit with some extra snickers crushed and placed on top, or pipe some whipped cream around the edge. We just made it as directed, though I added some caramel topping drizzled over the top after we made it. The hardest part of this dessert was a toss up - chopping up the Snickers or waiting for the Cool Whip to thaw!

We did try a few other new things this week, but nothing easy enough or delicious enough (or both) to be shared. I already have a new dish in mind for tomorrow, and I am sure I will try a few other dishes in the week ahead!

New Recipes
Beer Braised Pot Roast
Snickers Cream Pie

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