Friday, January 11, 2013

January 11, 2013

This week I did prep for the weeks ahead. I cooked a couple of chickens, retrieved an amazing amount of meat off the bones, then made a few quarts of chicken stock!  It was extremely satisfying, and great to have dinner ready chicken on hand.  We made chicken soup on Wednesday with the stock and some of the chicken meat, and although I've made it before, this week the kids slurped down a few bowls each.  I was even light on the noodles and heavy on the veggies and they still were asking for seconds and thirds.  I admit it...I do love scratch cooking!

And if I am going to admit that...I will also tell you that I am in the midst of a sandwich bread experiment.  I made rolls earlier in the week to go with our pulled pork sandwiches, and they were a hit.  The really nice thing about the rolls was that I was able to customize the sizes - some large for Ryan, some much smaller for Liam, and any size I desired in between.  The kids loved them, and ate them for breakfast the next day.  I am posting them here, but I have a few other "hamburger roll" recipes to try.  Stay tuned...this one might be replaced (or have its keeper status confirmed!).

But, back to the sandwich bread experiment.  Ryan loves Wonder Bread, traditional white Wonder Bread.  The kids prefer wheat, I prefer rye, so we keep a few kinds of bread in the house.  You probably know, but Hostess closed up shop, so Wonder Bread is no longer available.  I've been picking up sliced Italian bread, but then this week decided to try my hand at making sandwich bread.  I picked up yeast at Costco (enough of the little packets...I am all in), pulled out a few recipes and gave it a try.  With my trusty thermometer I was able to ensure the correct temperature of the water and the yeast worked like magic.  They both smelled wonderful as the baked, and there is nothing really as delicious as warm bread out of the oven.   Picture this - Ryan, the older kids and I standing at the island eating the bread as quickly as I was able to slice it.  We were just going to share one piece, but I think we ended up eating about half the loaf.  The second loaf was also delicious, but I did favor the first.  Both recipes were very similar, but the ingredients differed slightly.  The first called for a touch of honey and nonfat milk powder, which was in my pantry this week, but isn't always.  The other called for ingredients likely always on hand, so although it wasn't the hands down winner, it was still very good and easy to pull together.

Yes...I dabble a bit with paleo and primal eating...clearly this week's recipes don't fit with those lifestyles!  But, we loved them, and if you ever thought about making bread, maybe give one of these recipes a try!  Happy Cooking!

New Recipes
Quick and Easy Rolls
Sandwich Bread - version A
Sandwich Bread - version B

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