Friday, January 3, 2014

January 3, 2014

Winter break is drawing to a close...I hope you all had a happy holiday season!  Here's to a fantastic New Year ahead for all of us!!!  We were busy with family and friends, and tested out very few new recipes and only two earned keeper status.  Of the few recipes we tried I made 2 different versions of English Muffins and I am almost satisfied and ready to give them keeper status.  Maybe next week!

One of the recipes we did find and was voted a keeper was inspired by my sister's cookie exchange party.  A cookie that we simply fell in love with was a caramel-filled sea-salt topped snickerdoodle.  DELICIOUS!!!  Although the ones we made didn't look like the ones I received as part of the cookie exchange, they were still fabulous so I have included the recipe here.  You know they must be good when even Ryan wants to eat them!

The other keeper recipe technically falls under the "tried and true" category, but I haven't made them in years and years.  It is a recipe that my grandmother used to make - crab toasts! I think the recipe is from the 1950's! These are an easy appetizer that I am sure your guests will gobble up.  Maybe make them for this weekend while you watch the football playoff games!

Can you believe it is January 2014?  The last year flew by in a flash (at least for me) and I imagine the same for the year ahead.  Lots of plans already on the calendar; it was a good thing we had 2 weeks to relax and decompress.  We better gear up for what lies ahead!   

Happy Cooking!

New Recipes
Crab Toasts
Caramel-Filled Sea-Salt Topped Snickerdoodles

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