Friday, May 30, 2014

May 30, 2014

I survived a week of jury duty.  Thankfully it was a short week and I only had to go in two days, and I was not actually seated to serve on a jury for a trial.  It was a bit troublesome to plan for with the way my county does it, but all in all it was fairly painless, and now I am in the clear for 4 years!

In the world of cooking I learned a great tip this week.  Have you ever found yourself out of buttermilk when you are making pancakes, or cake, etc?  I stumbled across this tip in Cook's Illustrated: for every cup of buttermilk needed in a recipe, use milk and then add 1 1/2 tsp of Cream of Tartar per cup needed to the dry ingredients.  No off flavor because you've added vinegar to your pancakes and much easier and more likely to be on hand than a lemon to add to your milk!  We made pancakes one morning before school and I only had skim milk.  We tried this trick with fantastic results.  I will definitely do this again!

Over the long holiday weekend we found out that pizza dough works great for monkey bread.  I typically make a half recipe of our pizza dough each week, but this week I made the whole recipe.  Instead of freezing the extra portions, I used it for monkey bread the next morning (and of course thought of Molly the whole time!).  It worked fabulously well.

Speaking of pizza, the morning got away from me today and I didn't make my typical pizza dough in time for it to rest in the fridge for the minimal amount of time before using it.  We were still going to have pizza so I decided to try out some food processor recipes that we could use the same day.   I actually made two versions, and have included the keeper version here.  We didn't take a picture (it would just look like a ball of pizza dough), but the recipe is here if you want to try it.

There were two other keepers this week, homemade fish sticks and Spanish rice.  Not sure what I'll add to the meal plan for next week, but I still want to try out an oatmeal muffin recipe that's been out on my counter for a few days.

Happy Cooking!

New Recipes
Food Processor Pizza Dough
Panko Crusted Fish Sticks
Spanish Rice

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