Friday, August 29, 2014

August 29, 2014

Another week, another taste test!  You know me...I love to try out several versions of a recipe and try to find the best.  Because our garden is producing so many tomatoes this year that I decided to make 3 fresh tomato sauce recipes.  One was based on our usual sauce, one was from Giada, and one was based on a quick marinara that we make.  Hmmm...we didn't really love them; no keepers among them.  But, we still have more tomatoes coming so perhaps we'll still find one.

We did make scratch meatballs to use with the sauce taste test dinner, and they were an amazing hit, voted to unanimous keeper status.  They are made the way my mom makes them, though I had never made them this way before.  Now I doubt I'll make them any other way again!  Super easy, and super delicious.  They are fall apart tender without falling'll have to make them to see what I mean!

A few new recipes in the works for the week ahead...we'll see what pans out!

Happy Cooking

New Recipe
Mom's Meatballs

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