Friday, October 24, 2014

October 24, 2014

Early in the week we tried 2 new slow cooker recipes.  The ingredient lists looked fabulous, and making dessert in the crock pot was very intriguing.  Because it was very chilly on Saturday it seemed the perfect time to try a new beef stew as well an apple pudding cake recipe.  While both were good, they just weren't great.  I have had so many better apple desserts (pie, crumble, crisp, bars) so this didn't earn keeper status.  And the beef stew was fine, but definitely not better than our dutch oven beef stew that I make in the oven.

I thought that was going to be it for new recipes, but we have a church function tonight and I made some s'mores fudge to bring.  Wow!!! This was easy, and delicious, and just perfect for a bake sale or for giving as gifts to friends and teachers at the holidays.  Perhaps you should bookmark or pin the recipe for the upcoming holiday season.

One last thing from this week...we had roasted split chicken breasts one night and then made homemade chicken soup the next day.  It was probably one of my best batches ever, and I think that was in due in large part to my whim of tossing in some homemade poultry seasoning into the stock!  I am definitely going to do that again  the next time I make soup!!

Let's see what next week brings...and Happy Halloween in advance!!!

Happy Cooking!

New Recipe
S'mores fudge

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