Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7, 2011

My kids love breakfast…pancakes, Eggo waffles, French toast (though not the recipe I tried a few weeks ago), eggs, bacon. Owen would eat cereal for every meal if allowed, and on the weekend he usually does have it for lunch and breakfast! I have a waffle maker I adore, and this week I was on the hunt for a good “from scratch” waffle recipe. I came across two different cinnamon waffle recipes that looked great, so I tried them both out. I made one batch on Friday before school, and a different recipe on Saturday morning before the soccer games. Both were good, but the ones we had Friday morning were significantly better. Of course, that came with a price…they are a bit more work to make. But, keep in mind, I did make them on a week day, so they can certainly be made on a weekend morning!

I am sort of bummed…I had a sugar cookie recipe I was dying to try. Back in high school, I must say, I loved the sugar cookies they had in the cafeteria. Weird, I know…but they were delish! So…I’ve been looking for a recipe that approximates those for years, and I still haven’t found it. I think I’ll know it when I taste it! In any case, I tried a new sugar cookie recipe this week, and Ryan and the big kids loved them, but I didn’t. So, it’s not included here (but if you are local and interested…I have a few dozen to share that I just cooked tonight!) If you have a good soft sugar cookie recipe, send it my way!

Besides the waffle recipe, we loved a pork chop recipe, and a pasta recipe. Not sure what I am making next week, but I have my eye on at least one new recipe already!

Finally, to all who are moms, Happy Mother’s Day!!!

New Recipes
Cinnamon Waffles
Tender Slow Cooker Pork Chops
Baked Penne with Chicken and Spinach

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