Friday, October 7, 2011

October 7, 2011

Another week come and gone...we tried a few new recipes this week, including a few that didn't make it here. One was a quick brownie, which was good but not great. The other was crock pot applesauce, which I liked but my kids thought was a bit too overpowering. So I am going to make that again this week and I hope to have that for the blog next week. It was so easy to make, and I got to use my immersion blender! I will definitely be making it again this week with different apple varieties and a bit of a change to the additional spices. Keep your fingers crossed that it gets a few more keeper votes this next time around!

But, what did qualify as keepers? A brilliantly easy "lasagna" and some very crunchy chicken. My family loves lasagna, and when I make it I typically make a few and freeze them. Lasagna freezes fantastically well and if you are going to go to all the trouble to make it and really mess up your kitchen and about 10 pots and pans, you might as well make 6! So when a friend passed this recipe on to me from one of our favorite sites (, I had to try it. We all loved it. It is basically baked ravioli, but you do get the flavors of lasagna, and it truly couldn't be easier to throw together.

As for the chicken - you could use this breading on whole chicken breasts in the oven, or cut the chicken up to nugget or tender size pieces. There are quite a few spices in the mixture, and the panko really helps make it so crunchy! At the table the chicken was dipped in ketchup, wing sauce, hot sauce and eaten as presented. Everyone enjoyed it, and I hope you will too!

I already have my eye on two crock put dinners for this coming week, and another pumpkin recipe! We'll see how many keepers I have next week!

New Recipes

Savory & Crunchy Chicken
"Thrown together in 5 minutes" Lasagna

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