Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4, 2011

Fantastic; we have two new dinner ideas, a side dish or appetizer, and a breadstick recipe! I would say this week was a success. There were a few other new things we tried that were not voted keepers (Shrimp and Scallop Baked Ziti, Balsamic Roasted Parsnips), but to have 4 keepers to share in one week does make me happy!

Yeast scares me...I never feel confident working with it. I run to the computer, google how to proof yeast, watch a video or read a description about it EVERY TIME. I think I get nervous because I haven't had fabulous success in the past with recipes that need to rise. I know the biggest part of my problem (beyond my general inexperience with the ingredient) is my very open kitchen. Smaller spaces work better for yeast recipes to rise appropriately. So, to combat this I put my trays of breadsticks in our laundry/utility room. It is a very small room, and it is fairly warm because of the furnace. I also let my breadsticks have PLENTY of time to rise...I mean PLENTY! And as hoped, the breadsticks doubled in size, tasted light and fluffy after baking, and I must say, they were delicious. Even heated in the microwave for 15 seconds the next day yielded great results. I am going to keep working with yeast, and maybe I will gain confidence over time.

The lemon onion chicken was a huge success...Liam ate just as much of it as the older kids, and everyone was looking for more when it was all gone. That rarely happens at our table with a chicken dinner. Normally everyone has enough and is satisfied, but this time the kids wanted a third helping. I know for next time...I need to make more than I made this time! The recipe makes a ton of sauce, so feel free to make quite a few chicken breasts. Also, in the picture you will see that the onion seems to have lost the red color. This particular onion didn't have all that much red to begin with, so the cooking process stole the rest of the color. But don't let the lack of color turn you off...I really think you should try this recipe!

I served the jalapenos as a side dish with the salmon because the salmon called for jalapenos in the ingredient list. Everyone (except Liam) loved these. I think I could have made 50 and they all would have been eaten! I will certainly be serving these as an appetizer the next time I host dinner. I think the kids and Ryan are hoping they end up on the dinner table next week! We'll have to see about that...

Happy November!

New Recipes
Lemon Onion Chicken
Stuffed Jalapenos
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