Friday, March 15, 2013

March 15, 2013

Is it really the middle of March?  Staring out my window watching the rain fall on what snow is left from last week's storm does confirm the standard weather that goes with this month...generally yucky.  Cold, warm, sunny, rainy, foggy, overcast, spring-like....all over the board.  At least April is around the corner!

This week I only had time to make one new recipe, and we had amazingly high hopes for it!  Cajun shrimp pasta.  Unfortunately it was like a shirt that is beautiful on the hanger, but just looks weird and bizarre when you try it on.  So it was with this new bite was enjoyable, the next one had an odd taste.  The shrimp was good, but the sauce was unmemorable.  As a result I have no new recipe to post this week.  The reason I only had time to try one was because I have been slammed with tons of work in my graduate classes.  The next couple of weeks don't look as though the workload is going to change much, so I don't think you can expect too many new recipes from me, but we shall see what I can fit in!

This weekend we have a few things to celebrate!  My middle son is having a birthday - oh my!  These kids of mine are growing too fast (and I suppose in turn that means I am getting old!).  For a birthday here you get to request the meal, and he has decided on ribs, buffalo chicken wings, and heath bar cake!  Needless to say my husband is thrilled with this upcoming dinner!  He'll make the wings, I'll cover the ribs and cake.  And then Sunday will feature another favorite dinner of the family which will celebrate our heritage.  I'll make Irish beef stew and Irish soda bread.  After all this hearty eating I think the whole family will need to go for a run come Monday morning!

Let me know if you've cooked anything fabulous lately, or if there is a recipe you'd be interested in me testing out for you!  Happy cooking!