Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27, 2012

Another week come and gone. I did try to make the waffles similar to the ones from Stratton, and they came out close! But...still need some work. I am going to try another recipe and see how they taste, and hopefully they will become keepers soon. Of course, we devoured the waffles that I did make with the first recipe, I just know in my heart of hearts that I can make them even closer to the real deal if I work on the recipe a little more. So...more to come on the waffle fronts!

This week we tried 6 new recipes (including the batch of waffles) and I am happy to report that three have earned keeper status. Two we tried and loved were sent from my sisters and both were voted keepers! Chicken with Mushrooms was an easy weeknight dinner that had a nice presentation and a great flavor, and Taco Burgers were a major home-run over the weekend.

I also tried a zucchini recipe that I have had for quite a few years, and boy oh boy, I wish I had made it sooner! The kids helped me make these, and then they tried them. I do find that the kids are more willing to try new foods if they help prepare the dish. In the end, the adults loved these, and the kids thought they were okay, but each still ate quite a few. We had them as our vegetable side dish with the chicken and mushrooms. You can serve the chicken with noodles or rice, but we served it with cauliflower rice.

So...some varied recipes tried this week and three winners made their way to the blog. If you have a recipe you think I would love, let me know! Have a great week!

New Recipes
Taco Burgers
Oven Baked Zucchini Chips
Chicken with Mushrooms

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