Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25, 2012

Last week was very exciting - we had both sides of the family in from out of town to help us celebrate a special day for our middle son.  But, as a result, the weekend just ran away from me!  To make up for the missed week I have quite a few keepers for you!!!  Two dinner ideas, and two cookie recipes for school lunches, picnics, or just because.  :)

Two of the recipes have lemon in the title; you know my love for this yellow citrus.  My book club enjoyed both of the cookies, though they are the opposite ends of the taste spectrum.  The lemon ones are light and refreshing, the chocolate ones are very chocolatey!

Do you use panko?  I love to use it- it just creates such a great crunch in the dish.  So when I heard about lemon pepper panko I had to try it.  And when I say I had to try it, I am being serious! I did a product search on the Progresso website, found a grocery store that carried it (closest to me was about 20 minutes away), and I went to get it!  I bet that we were going to love it, so I bought 2 boxes.  Good news - we did love it, and I will definitely be making this salmon again.  I also think this recipe could be used with tilapia, sole, even thinly pounded chicken.

Stay tuned next week...yeast breads should be back!

New Recipes
Lemon Pepper Panko Salmon
Monter-Ray Chicken
Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookies
Lemon Cookies

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