Friday, April 11, 2014

April 11, 2014

We had success in the kitchen especially related the breakfast!  One keeper pancake recipe, and one keeper waffle recipe.  The kids love to eat a hot breakfast before heading off to school, and since I currently have the time in the morning to do that, I occasionally make them pancakes or waffles during the school week.  The pancake recipe is really versatile - you can add any flavor yogurt you want!  We love blueberries around here, so that is what we added, though I anticipate trying a variety of flavors in the future!  And the waffle recipe called for a mix of AP and whole wheat flour as well as a mashed banana.  We thought they were great - not overly banana-y flavored and super yummy!

I hadn't done a taste test in a while, and one night I had a little time on my hands (a rarity these days) so I whipped up three (yes, three) batches of blondies.  At my sister's birthday celebration a few weeks back I tried some that were outstanding!  I haven't yet gotten that recipe, but with bookclub this past week I knew it was the perfect opportunity to try a few different recipes.  All three had basically the same ingredients but in varying amounts. One had 1 tsp of vanilla while a second had 4!  That is a big difference!  My family took the taste test and voted, and the ladies in bookclub voted, and there was a clear winner.  Two of the three options each earned a single vote while all the rest of the votes went to a recipe from the Joy of Cooking.  I would still love to get a copy of the recipe that I had at the party as it was a thick and moist bar, but these thin blondies were fantastic!  And the bonus - we've got enough blondies in the freezer to get packed into school lunches to last us quite a while!

Happy Cooking!

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