Friday, June 27, 2014

June 27, 2014

We tried a bunch of new things this week...including one meal that continued cooking while we took shelter during a real tornado warning (the sirens went off and we got a call from the village telling everyone to take immediate was quite the experience!).  In any case- it turns out that dinner, Mexican Chicken Alfredo, was a keeper!

This week we also went strawberry picking - our second annual trip to the strawberry patch.  We really picked a lot (A LOT!) and so this week we had strawberry shortcake, strawberry sorbet, made strawberry jam, strawberry-blueberry jam, and strawberry syrup (for pancakes and ice cream).   We made bread and the strawberry-blueberry jam on it was fabulous!  Hold on...I need to go make some toast. 

And, just because I am completely ambitious in the kitchen (or a hippie, or both), we made our own flour tortillas for taco night.  I know what you are thinking...come on, you can buy a dozen for $.99!  Yes, I know.  But I have been wanting to try making them, and now that I am done with my coursework I could finally try it!  They were really good!  Fun to make, and easy, but if tacos are your go-to dinner when you have 1000 other things going on, they are certainly not worth it since they are a bit time consuming.  But, if you have time on your hands, and the kids are looking for something to do, and maybe the weather isn't good enough to hit the pool or bike to the tennis courts, then yes, I recommend you give these a try. It was really fun to put tacos on the table having made the tortillas and the taco seasoning for the meat.  As soon as the garden is bearing fruits and veggies we can make our own salsa with home-grown tomatoes and hot peppers!  Then I will be really smiling at the dinner table.  Or maybe it will be a smirk - agreeing with those around me that I am a bit over the edge when it comes to cooking. 

All in all it was an extremely successful week!  Lets see what the upcoming week has in store.

Happy Cooking!

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