Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Spring Break Experiment

I love to cook – it is a plain and simple fact. I insist on family dinners where everyone eats the same meal. I am willing to be a short order cook when we have breakfast for dinner, but on the average evening what I cook is what is for dinner. Yogurt is always available after the main dish has been tried and tasted, and everyone has input if the recipe gets to stay in the collection. Is it a keeper or not? At least 3 people need to like it to keep it as a family meal. If Ryan and I really love it, then we keep it as an “every now and then” (those more adult meals are often accompanied by mac & cheese).

This spring break we had no major plans; we weren’t going anywhere. Recently I had been trying a new meal about once a week, but decided to really go all out the week of spring break. We tried a new recipe every day. Hannah had a few sleepovers and her friends got to also give it thumbs up or down. We came across quite a few keepers. Some of my friends and sisters were interested in getting copies of the keeper recipes, and I shared them via FB, and then via email. Many of these same folks then suggested putting it together on a blog. So, The Spring Break Experiment has evolved into In the Kitchen with My Little Monkeys. Enjoy!

New Recipes
Braised chicken in white wine and green onion sauce
Black Bean Brownies
Swiss Chicken
Pizza Meatball Subs
Chicken Penne Casserole

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