Friday, June 21, 2013

June 21, 2013

A whirlwind of a week, to be sure!  We tried a lot of new dishes, discovered 2 keepers, caught up with dear friends we hadn't seen in a while, and topped it off with a quick trip to the ER for IV fluids for our youngest.  In between those things there were about a million other activities, and now here we are to Friday again!

As for those keepers - banana muffins, and balsamic chicken thighs.  Both recipes have fabulous flavor.  We were originally introduced to the muffins through my nephews when they slept over, and they were so great, I had to get the recipe, and we made them this week!  My kids love bananas and love muffins, so it certainly wasn't a stretch to think that these would be rated keeper.  And the balsamic thighs were from (More) Don't Panic Dinner's in the Freezer.  The kids loves these, and next time I will have to make more.  It called for bone in chicken thighs, which I used, but you could easily do this with bone-in or boneless chicken breasts.

You might wonder how often I re-make recipes we rate keepers.  Quite often!  This week alone we made chocolate chip cookies, angel food cake (had to use the egg whites that I had from the ice cream recipe that was not given keeper status), pizza, hurry up ham, pasta with sun dried tomatoes,  and waffles.  So many of the keepers have been made numerous times.  I know if we add one of the recipes from the archive to our weekly meal plan it will be eaten and enjoyed.

What recipes have you found here that have become regulars in your kitchen?

Happy Cooking!

New Recipes
Banana Muffins
Balsamic Chicken Thighs

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