Friday, November 14, 2014

November 14, 2014

Pumpkin...pumpkin...who wants something with pumpkin in it???  Yum!  We love pumpkin, and this week I processed 2 pumpkins to use in recipes.  I used a new technique to cook them and it was so much quicker; I've included it for you this week.  Likely if you are going to process pumpkin this fall you have already done so, but maybe bookmark it for next fall.  And if you've never processed a pumpkin before and your family loves pumpkin recipes (breads, muffins, cookies, pie, pancakes...) then you should definitely try this next autumn!

So yes, I processed our pumpkins to use not only for Thanksgiving pies in a few weeks (pumpkin freezes beautifully), but of course we used it in a few other things as well this week.  We made a pumpkin pie, a batch of pumpkin squares, and tried a new pumpkin pancake recipe.  The pancakes were a hit!  The first keeper of the week.

We did a lot of cooking, but primarily some of our favorite recipes from the blog.  I did the really long slow cooker pork recipe not only so we could eat it for dinner this week, but also so that I could freeze it away for use in quesadillas in the new year when things get really busy!  We had friends over for dinner and had chicken Parmesan pasta (but used pasta noodles instead of spaghetti and it worked great!).

The second keeper this week was Dutch Apple Pie.  I couldn't believe how quickly this came together!  It tasted like an apple crumble but it sliced like a pie.  I will definitely make this again.  Each bite tasted like fall!

Happy Cooking!

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