Friday, March 29, 2013

March 29, 2013

It has been spring break around here...and it looks like perhaps the spring weather may finally arrive in time for the weekend!  What did we do over the break, you ask?  Hmm...a little oral surgery and recovery for our dear daughter was the main action.  Not much fun, but necessary, and she hates missing school, so this was the best possible time to get it done.  Thankfully she is now on the mend!

Over the weekend and early in the week I did try a few new things, and we had some success! Ground turkey chili mac was a big hit, and the pretzel crusted chicken was an excellent change of pace as far as "shake n' bake" type recipes go! 

Easter is coming up and if you are like us, you may have some left over ham.  You might want to try Hurry Up easy to throw together, and usually every loves it.  Ham works wonderfully well in quiche, too!  And remember, ham freezes very well, so I like to chop my left over in recipe portion sizes so when someone here suggests Hurry Up Ham I already have it ready to go.  You can also make soup with the ham bone, or you do what I did last year...I freecycled it!  I know what you are thinking...freecycle the ham bone?  Well, I didn't want to make soup, and I hated to throw it away.  I posted it on freecycle, and had 6 people offer to run over and pick it up from me!  Think about'll probably find someone more than willing to take it off your hands!

This coming week will be the 2 year anniversary of the blog...can you believe it?  Wow!  I must say that it has been a wonderful outlet for my love of cooking.  We are no longer stuck in a dinner rut, that is for sure.  Some of the recipes we've tried out have become our new favorites that we have time and time again.  In fact, we just had chicken enchilada soup last night, and we make pancakes (either these or these) almost every weekend!

Perhaps we will have a new dessert recipe next week...the kids haven't decided what we should make for Easter dessert! As for other new meals...not sure, though I did pick up some whole wheat flour so I will probably try my hand at whole wheat bread! Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful week, and happy cooking!

New Recipes
Pretzel Crusted Chicken 
Ground Turkey Chili Mac

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